I'm Amanda Muschlitz, a full-time Columbus, Ohio professional wedding and portrait photographer, and the proud owner of Muschlitz Photography. 

Serving others through photography is my calling. I’m just as passionate for the people that I meet and serve, as I am the art of making the photographs. Connecting with people and telling their stories through photographs are at the core of everything I do. Since my start in 2006 as a newspaper photojournalist, I understand that having your photograph taken is a personal experience. By connecting with you, I'm able to make more natural and authentic images that will bring a smile to your face, long after the moment is gone.

The power of the photograph has always amazed me. They say that as you age, that time seems to move by faster. People get married. They start families. Families grow. Children get bigger. People move. People change. Loved ones pass. But despite all the changes over time, a photograph is magical. You can still hold that photograph and look back and catch a glimpse of a time that has been. You can see the styles people were wearing; that split between a child's front teeth; goofy grins; wrinkled faces; and warm embraces. It's an incredibly powerful experience. And that picture can tell a story. And everybody loves stories.

I specialize in weddings and portraits - capturing life's moments big and small through every stage of your or your child's journey. Your photographs are important, but so is enjoying your time in front of the camera. That's why I'm dedicated to finding the perfect balance: giving you images you'll love and letting you have fun and wrap yourself in all the moments and happiness during your session or event.

"A thousand words could not fully express our gratitude to Amanda, her powerful lens, her undeniable talent, and her unwavering commitment to us and our special occasion. You have given us and our family the priceless gift of always being able to relive what was truly a perfect day."

-Sarah & Bill, Wedding Clients

If you're seeking a wedding or portrait photographer who provides a truly personal experience, I'd love to connect with you!  

You can contact me, call 614.301.8579, or email me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!