Bustling Your Wedding Gown, The MUST Do Step


The long, beautiful full train of Carrie's wedding dress!

04_Reception_00604_Reception_006Carrie & Daniel Wedding
October 12, 2013
New Albany Granville Equestrian Center
Johnstown, Ohio

By having her wedding gown bustled between the end of the ceremony and start of the reception, Carrie could dance comfortably all night long without her dress dragging.


If your dress has a train, having a proper bustle during your reception is so important. Not only will a bustle allow you to move more easily during the reception, but it will help protect the train from dragging and getting dirty while dancing. Bustles can be very pretty and can easily give your dress a fresh new look too. 

In midst of the excitement of the wedding day festivities, trying to bustle the dress can become more challenging, especially if the people helping you have never seen how to bustle your dress before. This can result in delays and confusion while attempting to bustle the dress. 

To avoid frustration as a bride is trying to get her dress bustled so that she can enter the reception, we want to remind brides on this Bustling "MUST do": 

If you will be bustling your wedding dress, be sure to bring someone with you to your final dress fitting with your seamstress. 

This person should also be present at the wedding and able to help you bustle your dress on the big day. During the final fitting, the seamstress should teach your wedding day bustle helper how to do the bustle. 

This simple step, will make all the difference in making a smooth and quick transition from the ceremony, to the bustle, and to the reception on your wedding day.


If you have more questions about bustling your dress, be sure to discuss them with your seamstress. Every dress with a train may bustle a little differently and with proper instruction and practice ahead of time, your dress can be easily bustled on your wedding day. :-)


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