The Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Planning a wedding? When it comes to weddings, it is always best to follow the scout motto and "Be Prepared"! We highly recommend having a "Wedding Day Emergency Kit" to handle the little questions or minor mishaps that may arise. Is your shoe rubbing your foot? We got 'ya covered. Lost a button? Worry no more. Got a headache? We have something for that. Chapped lips? Bad breath? Low blood sugar? A good Wedding Day Emergency Kit will easily handle these minor issues to help your wedding day run smoothly and be stress free!

Enjoy a sneak peek at the Muschlitz Photography Wedding Day Emergency Kit that we bring with us and our recommendations for things you might want to include in yours, just in case.  :-) Please note, the below are just recommendations. Feel free to adapt to better suit your potential wedding day needs! All of these items can be found at your local drug store. For smaller, "travel" sized items like hair spray, check the travel sized section in the hair and skin care aisles.


Useful Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

1- Bandages- You never know when someone might get a papercut or a nick. 

2- Mini Tooth Brush Set- Forgot your tooth brush at home? This little set will keep your smile sparkling! 

3- Bobby Pins and Hair Ties- You can never have enough bobby pins to hold your hair in place! Especially on a windy day!

4- Scissors- Easily cut off tags on outfits, trim loose threads, or use to cut moleskin (listed below) to size.

5- Mini Hair Spray- Like Bobby Pins, it's always wise to carry extra hair spray to keep your hair style looking it's best, especially on humid or windy days!

6-Safety Pins- At 80% of the weddings that we photograph, someone always asks for a safety pin. With so many uses, safety pins are a wedding day essential!

7-Plastic Ziploc Bags- We like to carry some extra ziploc bags if in the event that something small needs to be carried such as extra make-up.

8-Pen, Paper, and Sharpie- Call us old fashioned, but you never know when you might need to jot something down.

9- Mints- Have a funny taste in your mouth? Easily freshen up your breath with a mint!

10- Tissues- You can NEVER have enough extra tissues on your wedding day. Small, portable tissue packs are great for those extra tears from the emotions of the day or allergies. 

11- Antibiotic & Anti-Itch Cream- In the event that someone does have a cut or a scratch, a little bit of this can save the day.

12- 4 AA Batteries- We recommend a few extra batteries in the event that a parent's camera batteries die.

13- Cough Drops- You never know when you or someone in your wedding party might have a tickle in their throat or a coughing spell.

14- Mini Sewing Kit- Lost a button? Not a problem with a mini sewing kit.

15- Mini Deodorant- Need a little extra freshening up on a particular toasty wedding day? 

16- Grocery Store Bags- They're hard to see here, we have them folded up, but grocery store bags are wonderful to have. Easily transport small things in a bag. 

17- Q-tips- We LOVE Q-tips- perfect for make-up touch-up on the go.

18- Tide To-Go Pen- Because you never know when you might need it.

19- Life Savers (or other hard candy)- Having a small bag of hard candy is great. On your wedding day, nerves will be running high and you most likely won't be on your normal eating/meal schedule. A small hard candy is the perfect solution for giving your blood sugar a little lift.

20- Moleskin!- This is perhaps one of the MOST important things you should have in your kit. On the wedding day, protect your feet. If shoes haven't been broken in, and sometimes even if they have been, you will occassionally get a blister from the shoes rubbing a certain spot on your foot. Easily cut moleskin to the size needed. Your feet will thank you! 

21-Chewing Gum- A nice way to freshen up. Just be sure to not be chewing gum during the ceremony or portraits! 

22-Aleve/Asprin/Other NSAID- Stop headaches in their tracks.

23-Mini Sunscreen- Outdoor wedding? Sunny day? Sensitive skin? It can't hurt to have a little protection from the sun.

24- Mini Lotion-Dry hands are no fun. A little lotion can make them much more comfortable.

25- Lip Balm/Chapstick- Chapped lips can be even more uncomfortable than dried hands. Prevent chapped lips by having some extra lip balm/Chapstick on hand. Ladies- you may want to talk to your make-up artist for other options too if you are prone to chapped lips!

26-Wisp (Mini Toothbrush To Go)- Again, keep your mouth happy and fresh. :-)

27-Pepto-Bismol To Go- Because you never know what the day may bring.

28- Paper Towels- (We have ours in a baggie). Paper towels are excellent for blotting the bottoms of bouquets before carrying them during the ceremony. So many other uses as well!


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