Your Marriage License - Franklin, County, Ohio


In midst of all your planning excitement, it can be easy to overlook certain things. Picking colors, looking at bridesmaids dresses, selecting centerpieces, and buying wedding bands are very exciting, but one thing you definitely want to be sure to remember is to get your marriage license!

Recently I've gotten some questions about the marriage license process so I wanted to feature it on today's Wedding Tip Wednesday!

If you're in the Columbus, Ohio area or Frankling County, Franklin County has a great website with lots of information about the process. You can view it here:'ve posted some important information regarding the license from their website below.

Here are some Marriage License "Must-Knows" for Franklin County, Ohio:

1- How far in advance of my wedding date should I get my marriage license? 

The license is valid for 60 days from date of issuance. Be sure to get the license 60 days or less before your wedding date.

2- Which County should we get the marriage license in?

"If you are getting married in the State of Ohio and are a resident of Ohio you must obtain your license in the county in which you reside. The license is valid anywhere in the State of Ohio. If you are not a resident of Ohio, but are getting married in Ohio, you must obtain your license in the county where the ceremony will take place."

3- How do we apply?

"The license application may be initiated online or in person at the Court. Both applicants must appear in person to finish the application processNo Appointment is Necessary. Each applicant must provide valid photo identification and know their social security number. All social security numbers are held in confidence and do not become a part of the Court's public records."


Have more questions about your marriage license for Franklin County? Check out their website or you can contact them directly. 

Franklin County Probate Court Contact Info:

Marriage Department Phone Number

Marriage Information (after 5:00 p.m. and weekends) 

License Cost: $50.00 CASH

Marriage Department Hours

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Marriage License Department Location: 
373 S. High St., 23rd Floor 
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6311


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