How to Look and Feel Your Best on Your Big Day


After months of planning, make sure that you look and feel your best on your big day!

1- Ladies, look fabulous in your wedding dress by seeing a seamstress a few months before the wedding.

With all eyes on you on your big day, you'll want to make sure you look fabulous and feel confident in your wedding dress. Regardless of whether you think it needs it or not, we highly recommend seeing a seamstress a few months in advance of your wedding to make sure that your dress fits you perfectly. You'll want to make sure it's hemmed to the proper length so it doesn't drag, have the appropriate bustle for easy dancing and walking (if you have a train), and if it's strapless, make sure that the dress doesn't fall down during the hugging and dancing. Seamstresses can also assist with making sure that your undergarments are not visible and don't show through the dress. (They can even build them into the dress so that there's no chance that they'll show when the dress moves!) Note: Be sure to take your wedding day shoes with you to your dress fitting!

2- Catch some Z's.

Your wedding day will be action packed! Make sure that you're ready to take it on by trying to get a good night's sleep the night before the big day.

3- Ladies, be sure to have a trial run with you hair and make-up in advance of the wedding.

Take the stress outof hair and make-up by having a trial run before the wedding. If possible, schedule them for the same day so that you can get the full effect of your wedding day look. By selecting your style before the big day, that's one less thing to worry about when you and the bridesmaids are getting ready the day of. 

4- Eat a healthy breakfast the day of and meal the night before.

Your stomach will likely already be in a flutter from the excitement for your big day. Sometimes though, the nerves of the big day can affect your gut, literally. To feel your best and avoid any tummy troubles on your big day, avoid greasy, spicy, or new foods and excessive amounts of alcohol. Select foods that are healthy and agree with you. Your stomach will thank you!


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