Wedding Day Timeline Tips: Don't Forget the Wiggle Room!


Today's tip is short and sweet, but so incredibly important. 

When planning your wedding day timeline of events, be sure to add some "wiggle room" to your schedule.

There's a few reasons for this:

1- Things always take longer than you expect them to.

Common things that always seem to run long include: Setting up the decorations, getting your hair and make-up done, wedding party portraits, family photos (we've all been there!), travel time between venues, and bustling the wedding dress. By having some wiggle room in the schedule, if one of them runs longer, it's not a big deal. I always tell my clients that we can always be ahead of schedule, but we never want the schedule to run late.

2- Life happens.

We've all seen it. Things can happen. Wedding party members can get lost on the way to the venue or have to deal with unexpected traffic. Someone may forget their shoes, make-up, undergarments, or jewelry. Someone has to make a last minute run to the nearest grocery store to pick-up some forgotten items. (A good wedding day emergency kit can help with this one!) 

Regardless of the issue, having some wiggle room in the schedule allows for these mishaps to become tiny bumps in the road that won't derail the rest of the day. 

3- Have a Perfect AND Stress-free Wedding!

Everyone wants to have the perfect wedding. Rather than stress over planning a minute-by-minute highly timeline, you should be able to take a deep breath and enjoy the day. Having a simple outline/itinerary of the day with wiggle room reminds you that the schedule can shift a little and allows things to just flow. As long as the main events: the ceremony and reception start on time, and there's some wiggle room, everything else will be picture perfect for your day. :-)

BONUS: The Wedding Day Game Plan

For more tips on how to tackle your timeline and keep your wedding day organized, check out Muschlitz Photography's free downloadable Wedding Day Game Plan. It's a one-stop, streamlined guide that will help your dream day go off without a hitch, and it will help keep the day stress-free! Download a copy for yourself, you'll be glad you did!


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