What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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April 7, 2013
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One popular question a lot of couples have before their engagement session is: "What should I wear for my session?"

For Engagement Sessions, most couples we've worked with like a classy casual outfit, like something that the two of you might wear out on a nice date. I always recommend that you wear an outfit that fits you well and you feel comfortable in. Typically we recommend that you wear one of your favorite outfits as it's one that you already love and makes you feel confident. You can color coordinate with your partner if you'd like - complementing colors work great together.  You should try to avoid any loud patterns and horizontal stripes as they are typically not as flattering as a solid color or light pattern.

Layers are fantastic and are a great way to switch up a look. :-) It's amazing how easily a scarf, or a jacket can alter your look. When planning your outfits, make sure you think of a head to toe look. We like to take some full-length shots as well as some waist-up and close-up shots, so you may want to select shoes that match your outfit. 

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September 2, 2012
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For guys, dark jeans and a polo or button down are really popular. Kahki's are also a good choice. A lot of the guys we work with like to wear nice looking sneakers or dress shoes.

For ladies, there are definitely a lot of options depending on the season! In warmer months, we know that spring/summer dresses are always a hit and are easy to mix-up the look with a jacket. Some ladies prefer jeans and a nice blouse or top, and I've also seen leggings with a long shirt or sweater be popular as well. 

In the cooler months, it's all about the layers! A nice pair of pants or leggings with a sweater and boots is very popular.

As far as shoes go, boots, wedges, and flats are very popular, classy choice for ladies. Weather permitting, you can even wear sandals. We will be doing some walking during your engagement session, so if you have a pair of heels that you want on during your shoot, but they aren't comfortable to wear for long walks, you may want to bring some flip-flops or other shoes to wear between locations.

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We hope that you found the above information useful! 

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